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Check here for the latest news, updates, and information about new membership site features, along with special invitations and discounts for future seminars, workshops, bonus teleseminars, and other events.

Resource Library

​Visit the resource library jam-packed with loads of personal development, motivational, and success resources. New content is added on a regular basis. You can also view the digital version of the 8-page newsletter mailed to you each month.

​Your Private Files

Repetition and reinforcement are two keys to becoming successful. All monthly teleseminars, coaching and your Infusionsoft training calls are recorded and posted here for you to listen to at your leisure.

Accelerators Club™

The Success Accelerators Club™ is ideal for success-minded individuals looking to take their life or business to the next level. You will be invited to a LIVE monthly webinar where you'll learn business and marketing strategies. You'll have access to all webinar replays for as long as you're a member.

Beyond the Kickstart™

Beyond the Kickstart™ offers a complete library of Infusionsoft training videos, checklists, step-by-step guides, third-party integrations, and interviews with guest Infusionsoft experts.  With these tools, you'll become a well-trained Infusionsoft ninja in no time!

​Sharper Edge MasterMind™

​Sharper Edge MasterMind™ group coaching lets you harness the power of other ​similar people who​ desire to make a difference in their professional lives and in their communities. ​As a member, you'll join a live call each month where you'll learn and disc​uss success principles and share and receive feedback from others. You'll have access to call replays and other success tools.

​Book of the Month

​Expanding your knowledge through a regular and consistent reading regimen increases your ability to achieve success. Regular reading provides mental stimulation, analytical thinking skills, and enhanced writing skills. Each month, Scott picks a powerful book to share with you. Check out the recommended book for this month. ​


​Infusionsoft ​is a powerful, dynamic Customer Resource Management (CRM) platform for small business owners. ​​Here you'll find guides, books, videos, articles, and a ton of other awesome insider information to help you build your list and maximize your workflow.

​Remember Your Passwords

​Remember Your Passwords is an awesome program developed by the MasterPlan4Success team that ​lets you store all your passwords in one convenient, secure vault. ​You can also save credit cards, WiFi details, secure notes, and more. We know your time is​ valuable So if you want, we'll even input all your data for you!

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